what we offer

easytalk is a transformative culture technique for groups who want to improve their interaction.

We offer seminars for groups based on a transformative culture technique: better conversation, better relationships.

How is this related? When you talk to someone you automatically create a relationship. The better the conversation, the better the relationship. It’s that easy.

What is a good conversation? In a good conversation we feel accepted and secure from threat of danger, harm or loss. We then develop our own thoughts and use personal language (idiolectic). We slide into being ourselves. The dialogue partners listen to one another with real interest and ask inspiring questions. Both feel refreshed, inspired and enriched.

And then what? We are in touch with our inner self as we sense both physically and mentally well being. Great memories come to mind, aha-moments occur and new ideas are rising up. It is a neurophysiological fact that all of this can only occur when we feel good and safe. Although all of us have experienced these fine moments, we often don’t know how to make them happen. easytalk seminars show you how to get into the flow systematically.


  • introduction seminars
  • advanced seminars
  • practising groups
  • idea conferences
  • living room workshops
  • creative workshops

Examples of use

  • hearing aid trainings for trainers (train the trainer),
  • how to improve meetings in business, health industry, schools, universities and kindergardens,
  • improve communication in self help groups,
  • prepare parents for school start,
  • replace old hearing habits by more functional ones,
  • better understanding of clients’ needs in the creative industry.

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