vera­dreyer, PhD

authentic, effective and fascinated by design processes

  • Diploma in Corporate and Social Communication (University of Arts Berlin)
  • PDH in Communication entitled “Self representation and Authenticity“ (University of Arts Berlin)
  • Basic studies in Idiolectics (at the Institute for Idiolectic Communication in Würzburg, Germany)
  • Graduate Studies in Idiolectics (Institute for Idiolectic Communication)
  • Media Designer, Publisher and Teacher
  • co-founder easytalk

I am fascinated by design processes. What if one could design one’s entire life? What if we could shape our relationships, our health and our destiny in a desirable way? My academic interest in self representation and authenticity opened the door to a Psychosomatic Conference in Dresden where I first learned about Idiolectic. I witnessed how it was possible to kick off self empowerment processes through very easy, unobtrusive conversations. How exciting is that? In easytalk aesthetics and self-confidence intertwine. This is why easytalk has cast a spell over me. And I am not the only one. Easytalk is highly addictive. Let’s go, easytalk!