talk with clients

easytalk is a way to communicate that has an enormously positive impact

When you are in the service industry you are aware that great communication is the key to great consulting and sales results. And probably you also know how easily misunderstandings can happen and that it takes money, nerve and time to get back on track. Find a way to better understanding with easytalk. Better talk, better relationships.

easytalk in acoustics

Your clients use for the first time a hearing aid and relax into a new hearing experience. Is this your dream? Reality looks different. Your objectively good settings cause dis-ease for your client. As a service person in this field you will discover new access to your clients. Claudia Dreher offers workshops to help you find an easier way to do the job.

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easytalk for creatives

When you are working in design, art or any other creative service oriented field you need a briefing from your client. Very rarely do you get a precise one. Why is that? Well, perhaps your client does not really know what he/she wants or needs. It is your job to guide them through the process and help them out with an airtight briefing. Learn how to ask crucial questions and intensify the relationship with your client.

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